“ Domicilia is one of the most passionately designed residential projects with great attention to details at every level...”

Gyanendra Singh

Flat# 4A, Marvel – Domicilia, Oct 19,2012

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“The team at Marvel is proud of its culture of integrity, accountability, customer-centric policies, competitiveness, quality and attitude. And rightly so. Not once have I faced a situation where there has been a lapse on the above parameters. It feels great to be treated the same way when you first walked in as a prospective customer and even today when you are a customer. Everyone in the organization is approachable and devotes time to the minutest of customer requests. I’m proud to be associated with this company, even before the completion of the project as I’m sure many of my fellow neighbors are too.I wish the team at Marvel all the best and a great future ahead. Please remain the same as you climb the ladder of growth and successes.”

Sajal Karanwal

Flat# 5H, Marvel – Domicilia Dec 18, 2012

“Domicilia is one of the most passionately designed residential projects with great attention to details at every level. I am happy that most of our feedback on common requirements has been addressed and cannot be more pleased with the level of personal attention being given to individual flats. We are extremely satisfied with our interaction with Marvel in last one year & eagerly await moving in to our dream home.”

Gyanendra Singh

Flat# 4A, Marvel – Domicilia, Oct 19,2012

“I would like to thank the Marvel team for all the help! Everyone was so knowledgeable, and never got tired of answering our queries. The way every one in the team receives customers and provides status updates is truly laudable.”

Vijay Kumar

Flat# 1D, Marvel – Domicilia, Nov 12,2012

“I just want to say, ” Brilliant”. You guys are truly professional and awesome, and I can’t say enough about your customer support. Keep it up. It’s something you just don’t see nowadays. Service and support are outstanding.I am totally relaxed and happy dealing with you. I am more than 100% sure that you will deliver more than you say. I will proudly recommend you to my friends and relatives.The way you work will definitely ensure that ‘Marvel Infrabuild’ will be the big brand in market. You made me happy. My hearty wishes to you.”

Kaushal Patel

Flat# 1E, Marvel – Domicilia Oct 21, 2012

“It has been a very enriching journey so far. Marvel has given us a feel of investing in a home rather than just a flat. Marvel has put together a wonderful team led by an able MD, Mr. Anji Reddy. Thus far my experience with Marvel is synonymous to “Attention to detail”, “Value customer feedback”, “Time for customer”. I wish Marvel all the best in its future endeavors.”

Naveen Kumar Venkatesh

Flat# 5E, Marvel – Domicilia,Jan 12, 2013

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